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Train Your Staff

While Portico Inc. is a Placement Agency, we are an Agency with an important difference. As opposed to automatically giving up on an employee who may have worked for your family for many years, sometimes the “fix” is not in replacing the employee but rather in working with them to improve their skills. 


Portico's training occurs in the familiar environment of your home. After all, what is the point of teaching your staff how to use equipment they will never use? Why send them to a school surrounded by inexperienced students, only to be taught low common denominator skills? Portico's training is pragmatic, targeted towards your home's standards, focused on practical skills and results driven.


All of our Trainers are established experts in their fields. Portico Inc. carefully selects its Trainers for their skill level and their ability to teach.

Training We Offer
  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry

  • Wardrobe Management

  • Culinary Arts


Often the difference between a good employee and an excellent employee is a simple matter of training.

If the employee has been with your family for a significant time frame and you like them, don't give up on them. Instead make the investment and offer them training so that they have the opportunity to rise to the standards you desire.

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