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Housekeeper Training

With 21-years' experience working in luxury homes, Portico Inc. has expertise in best practices for Housekeeping. Our trainers have been selected for their abilities to translate best practice Housekeeping skills to your staff. They know the subject matter and they understand how to teach it.


Training includes topics like:

  • Prioritizing and organizing. For example, work flow strategies for Housekeepers.

  • Organizing a cleaning caddy

  • Correct use of commercial or home-made cleaning products

  • Strategies to avoid cross contamination

  • The process for correct and thorough cleaning of vital rooms like bathrooms and kitchens

  • Development of daily, weekly, monthly and bi-annual cleaning tasks

  • Development of special project lists

  • Correct use and maintenance of cleaning tools like vacuums, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers

  • And much more

Clients have the option to pick training areas from a menu of skill areas or have a training program tailored to their specific needs. Why send your housekeeper to a generic school where lowest common denominator skills are taught, when your staff can be trained in the familiar environment of your own home to your own specific standards?

Training We Offer
  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry

  • Wardrobe Management

  • Culinary Arts


Often the difference between a good employee and an excellent employee is a simple matter of training.

If the employee has been with your family for a significant time frame and you like them, don't give up on them. Instead make the investment and offer them training so that they have the opportunity to rise to the standards you desire.

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