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Job #055 Household Manager for Residence in Riyadh, KSA

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia • Full-time • 30,000 SAR monthly (approximately £75,000 annually) with generous performance-based annual bonus, off-property apartment, and vehicle

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Seeking an experienced female Household Manager to manage a 4,000  square metre property located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Principal is a distinguished Saudi Arabian entrepreneur.


This position is full-time. The Household Manager will live off property and an apartment will be provided. A vehicle will also be provided for the Household Manager’s use. The Principal seeks a long-term relationship with his Household Manager.


Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Management of the residence to include vendor management, staff management, planning/coordination and execution of events

  • The Household Manager reports to the Principal and the role does include a Personal Assistant aspect (i.e. arranging appointments - both professional and personal)

  • Administration as it relates to household records and bills for payment

  • Maintaining regular contact with the Principal

  • Management a staff that will vary from 10 to 12 individuals including housekeepers, cooks, driver, gardener, etc. The ideal is the Household Manager to take a role in the hiring of talented staff.

  • Training household staff to the standards of the Principal

  • The Household Managers ensures that staff is performing to the standards and expectations of the Principal

  • Vendor management includes preventive maintenance, scheduling vendors, and liaising with architects

  • Management of household inventories to include grocery items, cleaning products, toiletries and sundries

  • Organization of the home (including wardrobes) and training the staff to maintain the organization to established household standards

  • An office will be provided in proximity to the Principal’s office. The Household Manager will divide their time between the office and the residence.

  • While there is a schedule, flexibility is required. A typical work day will begin at 9am and finish at 6pm.

  • There might be occasional travel required

  • The Principal owns a desert farm. During winter months the family will often visit. The property is fully staffed, but the Household Manager will have a role in event planning as well as staff management.

  • Entertaining style is varied between traditional and Western

  • Preventive maintenance that includes close observation of the property (interior and exterior)

  • Identifying repair and upgrade projects

  • The job profile is dynamic and subject to evolution as family requirements change


Skills and Aptitudes:
  • Ideally seeking a female with 10 years’ Household Management experience

  • Ability to coordinate, manage and work with staff, contractors and independent workers

  • Ability to train household staff to the standards of the Principal

  • Proven ability in planning, coordinating and executing various types of events 

  • Excellent communication, organizational and critical thinking skills in executing decisions that impact the residence, Principal, and his family

  • Resourceful with an ability to multi-task and an interest in augmenting knowledge base by liaising with vendors and learning trouble-shooting techniques

  • A willingness to ask intelligent questions when unsure of something

  • An understanding of the importance of Preventive Maintenance to ensure that the property is fully functioning at all times

  • An ability to manage tendering processes for larger projects

  • Proficiency with technology including computers, cell phones, Wifi, Internet research, record keeping, completing and filing ongoing reports

  • Ability to lift 30 pounds

  • Must have valid Drivers’ License with a clean driver’s abstract

  • Be prepared to sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA)


Salary: 30,000 SAR monthly (approximately £75,000 annually) with VIP Medical Benefits, generous annual performance-based bonus, apartment and vehicle provided

Other: Position is a 3-year contract

Other: This is a non-smoking position


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