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Laundry Training

The care of clothing and fabrics is a highly-specialized skill. Laundry does not come naturally to many housekeepers, which is why Portico offers training that includes:


  • Reading and understanding clothing care labels

  • Safe and correct care of various fabrics

  • Use, care and maintenance of laundry room equipment that includes washers, dryers, steamers, and irons (both hand and rotary)

  • How to safely iron various fabrics

  • Correct use of laundry products that includes commercial and home-made solutions

  • Colour-fastening techniques

  • Master class stain removal for everything from ink to wine to you name it

  • Correct hand-washing techniques that include dry-blocking of fine clothing

  • Methods for managing in and out of dry-cleaning

  • Correct folding techniques ranging from bed linen to towels to sweaters

  • When to ask questions to minimize damaging fine clothing

  • And more...


Clients choose from a menu of training areas or they have the option of requesting a program customized to the requirements of their household. Sending your housekeeper to a school will provide them low common denominator skillsets. Your home has specific needs. Portico understands this. Hire a firm that will take the time to understand your distinct needs and train your staff to your own standards.

Training We Offer
  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry

  • Wardrobe Management

  • Culinary Arts


Often the difference between a good employee and an excellent employee is a simple matter of training.

If the employee has been with your family for a significant time frame and you like them, don't give up on them. Instead make the investment and offer them training so that they have the opportunity to rise to the standards you desire.

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