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Wardrobe Management Training

An organized Wardrobe is a beautiful thing. Not all domestic staff understand how to reach the standard.


Portico Inc. provides the resource of a highly-experienced Executive Housekeeper to instruct your staff on how to organize and maintain  your Wardrobe to your standard. Our training includes such items as: 


  • Explaining different organizational methodologies and finding the one that suits your specific requirements

  • Consult on correct hangers for different garments

  • Teaching the process for receiving garments and accessories to be returned to the Wardrobe

  • Correct maintenance of handbags

  • Polishing and maintaining shoes

  • Basic sewing and mending techniques

  • When to fold and when to hang garments

  • Correct folding techniques

  • What kind of hanger should be used based on the garment

  • How to manage seasonal rotation of a wardrobe

  • Best practices for detecting and avoiding destructive pests like garment damaging moths

  • And more based on your specific needs

Clients have the option to pick training areas from a menu of skills or have a training program tailored to their specific needs. There are no schools that can teach Wardrobe Management at the level offered by Portico Inc. Your Wardrobe is unique to you and requires a specific skill set from your staff.

Training We Offer
  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry

  • Wardrobe Management

  • Culinary Arts


Often the difference between a good employee and an excellent employee is a simple matter of training.

If the employee has been with your family for a significant time frame and you like them, don't give up on them. Instead make the investment and offer them training so that they have the opportunity to rise to the standards you desire.

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