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Scott Munden's Professional Biography

Scott Munden is Founder and President of Portico Inc. -- a firm that leverages his 25+ years experience working for High and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Families across the world. Portico Inc. places exemplary household staff in residences throughout North America and beyond.

Scott is a passionate critical thinker who prefers action to inaction and holds firmly to the belief that in business it is important to “Do it. Try it and fix it.” He is a direct leader who thrives in direct communication environments.


His experience with C-level Executives and High as well as Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals, however, has taught him the value of tact, discretion, and diplomatic language and conduct. He is a refined and polished professional who believes what is on the outside can open doors, but it is what is happening inside that keeps them open. 

Prior to entering the Private Service field, Scott achieved his M.A. in History from Queen's University at Kingston. Subsequently, Scott pursued achievements in luxury hospitality, which continue to inform Portico Inc.'s offerings.

Finally, Scott is guided –- always –- by the principle that his relationships with clients, employers, candidates, and colleagues rest upon a foundation of trust and respect. Without the pillars of trust and respect, business relationships are transitory. Time is a luxury and he would rather build new associations and grow businesses rather than backtrack to resurrect old relationships just to maintain a status quo.


Yes, he is different, but only in the best sense of the word.

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  • Laundresses

  • Elder Caregivers

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  • Private Chefs

  • Butlers (Household & Corporate)

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  • Chauffeurs

  • Companions

  • Corporate Flight Attendants


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