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Case Study - Staff Consulting for Toronto Family

The Task:

During the summer of 2018, Portico Inc. was contacted by a Toronto family who had just lost their primary housekeeper due to retirement after 25-years’ of dedicated service. The family realized that their 25,000 square foot household was at an inflection point and that other staffing models should be considered.


The family was open to different models but were also interested in raising the level of housekeeping, management, cooking within the family home. Portico Inc. was tasked with producing fully budgeted options for consideration.


The Response:

The Principal of Portico Inc. met with the Client and conducted a thorough survey of the property in order to establish staffing needs. The engagement consisted of:


  • 3-hour on-site meeting with the Client for the purpose of research and assessment

  • Full walkthrough of the residence and surrounding property

  • Consultation with Portico Inc.’s team about potential options based on the Client’s wish-list

  • Preparation of a report that was full-budgeted with job descriptions, reporting structure based on the consultation

  • Report consisted of three options for Client consideration

  • Identifying a shortlist of applicants for each shortlisted option

  • Follow up meeting with the Client to determine the pros and cons of each option

  • Identifying the preferred “go forward” option

  • Presenting Candidate profiles - including interview notes, resumé, photograph, letters of reference certificates tp the Client


A Candidate was identified as a strong potential to work with other staff. Portico Inc. coordinated the interview with the Client. 


The decision to hire the Candidate was made. Portico Inc. did the following to facilitate:


  • Contacted the Candidate to inform them that an offer was pending

  • Drafted an Offer of Employment for the Client’s review

  • Presented the offer to the Candidate

  • Conducted all reference as well as background checks

  • Assisted in the onboarding of the Candidate



Portico Inc.’s Consulting experience assisted the Client to identify options available to them. Once a preference was identified, Portico Inc. leveraged its network to locate a series of suitable Candidates for the family’s consideration. Th firm assisted the family along every step.


To date both Client and Candidate are happy with the engagement. It is Portico Inc.’s firm belief that, for a relationship to work, there must be balance on each side. Both employer and employee need to feel that the arrangement is fair. The family is now considering additional hires.

© Portico Inc., 2018

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