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Our Search & Placement Process

First Steps…


  1. You will speak with a knowledgeable individual who will ask intelligent questions in order to fully understand your staff requirements.

  2. You will be informed about Portico's placement methodology and its terms and conditions will be fully explained. 

  3. You will receive an honest and candid answer to the question "Can Portico Inc. be of help?"

  4. A job description is drafted for your prior approval. 

The Search Process Begins… 


  1. We are always interviewing so that we stay informed as to who is actively or passively looking for work. We know the labour market because we make it our business to do so.

  2. The search process includes reviewing a robust database of Candidates as well as reaching out to our trusted network. 

  3. An initial interview is conducted by a Portico team member. We use the job description and our understanding of your family’s specific needs as a guide for the interview process.

  4. Once we source qualified Candidates who fulfill the job requirements, they will be presented to you in writing. Candidate Profiles include the Candidate's resumé, any letters of reference, certificates and interview notes.

  5. We do not present you with Candidates who cannot do the job. We will not waste your time.

The Interview Process…


  1. Once you identify a Candidate of interest, we will coordinate the interview. 

  2. We can do as much or as little as you want.

The Hiring Process…


  1. Portico Inc. assists its Clients through the hiring process, which includes reference checks, background checks and assistance writing offers of employment.

  2. If required, we will coordinate a working trial so that Clients have an opportunity to observe the Candidate at work. The applicant is paid by the client for their work at a pre-determined rate. Working trials are limited in terms of length. For example, a housekeeper's trial may be one to four days in length. A Private Chef will be limited to two tastings.

  3. Once the Candidate is hired, the Client assumes an employer / employee relationship and are responsible for everything entailed in that relationship.

And Afterwards…


At Portico Inc. we believe we have a role in assisting our Clients retain employees they have hired through us. You have invested time and money in finding the right employee. We want to help you keep them. This includes providing Advisory support in areas like Annual Performance Reviews, troubleshooting through any issue that might arise, and so on.




Our door remains open to our Clients. Portico Inc.'s objective is to cultivate relationships that benefit our Clients over the long-term.

Positions We Place
  • Housekeepers

  • Cook/Housekeepers

  • Executive Housekeepers

  • Nannies

  • Laundresses

  • Elder Caregivers

  • Personal Assistants

  • Office Butlers

  • House Managers

  • Private Chefs

  • Butlers (Household & Corporate)

  • Domestic Couples

  • Estate Couples

  • Chauffeurs

  • Companions

  • Corporate Flight Attendants


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