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Why Choose Portico?

With over two decades' experience working for luxury homeowners, Portico Inc. understands what it takes to optimally operate a residence with the right team of staff working together to improve home life for their employers. We help Families achieve their Domestic Staff needs - from Housekeepers to Household Managers, Private Chefs to Personal Assistants, and Nannies to Elder Caregivers.


Portico Inc. commits to not wasting client time. Unlike other agencies who are eager to send a steady stream of hopeful but unqualified candidates, we will only send individuals who we know can get the job done. 


How do we do this? We take the time, not just to understand the job order, but also to understand the home environment and family needs and expectations. 


Furthermore, we have two decades' experience solving diverse problems for luxury homeowners. We advise from a place of experience and knowledge. We never shy from saying to our clients “I don’t know, but I can find out.”

Recruiting can be taught. Private Service Industry knowledge only comes with experience.

Portico Inc. offers both.


Clients also have the option of availing themselves of a full range of services that includes training in the areas of housekeeping, laundry, wardrobe management and culinary arts.

Portico Inc. has successfully placed exemplary employees in positions that include:

  • Household Manager

  • Private Chef

  • Personal Assistant

  • Executive Housekeeper

  • Cook Housekeeper

  • Nanny Housekeeper

  • Housekeeper Driver

  • Houseman

  • Corporate Butler

  • Professional Nanny

  • Elder Caregiver

  • Tutor

  • Assistant House Manager

  • Chauffeur

  • Dedicated Corporate Flight Attendant

  • Private Island Management Couple

  • Private Island Property Manager

  • Housekeeper / Administrative Assistant


Portico Inc.'s success can be attributed to its consistency in holding itself accountable to the highest standards of discretion and integrity.

Contact us to learn how Portico Inc. can meet your family's staffing needs.

Positions We Place
  • Housekeepers

  • Cook/Housekeepers

  • Executive Housekeepers

  • Nannies

  • Laundresses

  • Elder Caregivers

  • Personal Assistants

  • Office Butlers

  • House Managers

  • Private Chefs

  • Butlers (Household & Corporate)

  • Domestic Couples

  • Estate Couples

  • Chauffeurs

  • Companions

  • Corporate Flight Attendants


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