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Case Study - Private Chef for Muskoka Cottage

The Task:

During the summer of 2018, Portico Inc. received a late morning call from the Household Manager for a prominent Toronto family. The family was seeking an experienced Private Chef for their cottage who had a broad repertoire as well as a thorough understanding of what it takes to successfully work in a Private Kitchen. In other words, the family was seeking a thoroughly professional Private Chef.


The Response:

It was a lazy, summer day Friday before a long weekend and few in Portico Inc.’s office expected much activity that day. When the call came in, however, Portico Inc.’s recruiting engine began to fire on all cylinders. After getting the position’s details, Portico Inc.’s recruiting team went into action and began immediate outreach to a deep Private Chef network.


The call came in after the family’s initial engagement with a Private Chef fell through. These things occur. Speed in filling the position was critical. Within a few hours Portico Inc. was able to send two thorough profile packages on highly qualified candidates to the Client. By the next day a third highly-qualified candidate was presented. 


The Solution:

Because Portico Inc. is always interviewing, its employees know who is currently looking for work, what kind of work are they looking for, and what individuals are passively considering making a change in employment. Portico Inc. has its finger on the Private Service labour market at any given time. That disciplined approach to consistently interview provides Portico Inc. with the advantage it requires to respond quickly when that last minute call for domestic staff on a lazy summer afternoon comes in.


Within 24-hours, two of the three candidates presented were interviewed. The Client was challenged to choose between the two exemplary candidates. In the end a choice was made and Portico provided the following:


  • Reference check results

  • The offer of a Background Check

  • Ironing out Offer of Employment details with the Client

  • Preparing a written Offer of Employment that included a Confidentiality Agreement

  • Presentation of the Offer to the Candidate

  • Closing the Offer with the Candidate

  • Immediate notice to the Client reassuring them of a successful resolution to their “ask”

  • Regular follow-up with both Client and Candidate during the duration of the employment contract



Portico Inc. rapidly responds to Client requests. It is able to do so because of a commitment to constantly be interviewing for all kinds of positions - not just Private Chefs. Portico Inc. is also a firm that is always cultivating and nurturing its network of qualified Private Service Professionals.


The Candidate who was chosen performed at a very high level and delighted the Client. At the end of the contract, the Candidate was invited to return to the family cottage the following season.


Mission accomplished.

© Portico Inc., 2018



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