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Case Study - Dedicated Corporate Flight Attendant

The Task:

During the spring of 2018, Portico Inc. was contacted by a Client based in Toronto. The “ask”? Can you help us find an experienced Corporate Flight Attendant that understands luxury and has culinary skills? Portico Inc.’s response? “We aren’t sure right now, but let us ‘test the market’ and see what we can achieve.” Within 48 hours, Portico Inc. contacted the Client with positive news - “We can fill this position.” The firm knew it was in competition with other recruiters to fill the position. Time, as it always is, was of the essence.


The Response:

Portico Inc. immediately began outreach to its robust network of Private Service Professionals who understood the high standard required. Within five business days, five qualified candidate profiles were presented to the Client.  Even Portico Inc.’s employees were surprised by their success. 


The Client was challenged as to who to eliminate and who to interview. Three candidates were initially chosen. Portico Inc. had to push for the fourth person to be granted an interview. The Client agreed.


Interviews were conducted one after the other over the course of a 48-hour period. Occasionally success can be a mixed bag. Sometimes choice between strong contenders can be a daunting task. “Why are you doing this to me?” is a question Portico Inc. often hears from its Clients who are presented with one-too-many strong Candidates. Occasionally Portico Inc. over-achieves in its efforts to provide Clients with the best the labour market has to offer.


The Solution:

Portico Inc. did aggressive outreach over a short period of time. The firm knew it was up against aggressive competition and so it went deep and hard to find the best Candidates possible for the position. Portico Inc. triggered its robust network and got creative in searching the best Candidates possible for the position.


It took just over a week to find a qualified shortlist for the Client. It took another week for interviews to take place. Once a decision was made, Portico Inc. went into action and provided the following:


  • Reference check results

  • The offer of a Background Check

  • Providing the required material so the Client could conduct its own Background Check

  • Ironing out Offer of Employment details with the Client

  • Presenting the Client’s own Offer of Employment to the Candidate

  • Closing the Offer with the Candidate

  • Immediate notice to the Client reassuring them of a successful resolution to their “ask”



Portico Inc. rapidly responds to Client requests. It is able to do so because of a commitment to constantly be interviewing for all kinds of positions - not just Dedicated Corporate Flight Attendants. Portico Inc. is also a firm that is always cultivating and nurturing its network of qualified Private Service Professionals. This position was a little in left field for Portico Inc. Because Portico Inc. is an agile and creative firm, it was able to respond to the Client’s request with the speed they expected.

© Portico Inc., 2018



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