Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Portico?


  1. We are experts at what we do. With over two decades' experience in recruiting and household management. We have the ability to guide the search and recruitment process to successful results.

  2. We take on a limited number of Clients at any given time in order to deliver our maximum attention to each engagement.

  3. We are constantly interviewing Candidates, in all fields. This means that we know the current labour market… always. We know who is actively looking for work, and who is passively considering a change. 

  4. During our free Consultation, we take the time to thoroughly understand our Clients' needs.

  5. With over two decades' experience in Household Management, we have the capacity to grow with our Clients as their needs and desires change.

  6. We are utterly discreet… at all times.



What Does A Portico Consultation Include?


  1. A Consultation begins with a preliminary telephone call in which a Client’s needs are identified by a trained member of Portico’s Placement Team.

  2. Clients have the opportunity to meet with us in their home so that they can ask additional questions and establish a comfort level, while we receive a first-hand understanding of the home environment. 

  3. Clients receive a draft job description to which they can make any changes, deletions or additions. A finalized job description becomes the basis for our search and recruitment process. 

  4. All Consultations are free of charge.



What Positions Does Portico Place?


We provide domestic staff for homes of all sizes and scope. While our primary area of focus is the North American Private Service Market, we are always interviewing excellent Candidates who are based in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Positions we place include but are not limited to the following:


  • Housekeepers

  • Cook / Housekeepers

  • Nanny / Housekeepers

  • Nannies

  • Elder Caregivers

  • Household Managers

  • Butlers (Household & Corporate)

  • Estate Managers

  • Domestic Couples

  • Private Chefs

  • Personal Assistants

  • Chauffeurs

  • Estate Couples

  • Laundresses

  • Companions

  • Governesses

  • Office Butlers

  • Corporate Flight Attendants


If the position you seek to be filled is not listed, do not despair. Ask us if we can help you. We promise to provide you with an honest answer.



What Does It Cost?


  1. We have a two-tiered pricing model and we are transparent about it.

  2. For classic Housekeeper placements, a one-time flat fee + applicable taxes is charged.

  3. For all other placements, fees are based on a percentage of the employee’s first year salary + applicable taxes.

  4. We always commit everything in writing so that there is clarity for the Client from the “get-go.” 

  5. We do not work on contingency. Our firm commits fully to our Clients. We take on a limited number of engagements at any given time so that we can dedicate ourselves to providing our Clients with the best service available on the market. In return, we ask for a nominal deposit prior to starting the search and recruitment process. All deposits are deducted from the final Placement Fee invoice. 



What Do You Receive For Your Money From Portico?


  1. Maximum support throughout the search and recruitment process.

  2. Household Management expertise that helps steer the recruitment engagement to a successful placement.

  3. A marketable job description that accurately reflects your needs, and that can be marketed towards talented professionals.

  4. Presentation of Candidates in writing including resumes, letters of reference, certificates, photograph, and our highly informational interview notes.

  5. The option of a working trial with a qualified Candidate to test if they are a good fit for your household.

  6. Assistance throughout the employment negotiation process.

  7. A thorough reference check.

  8. Coordinating a criminal, credit and driving Background Check if required and authorized by Client and Candidate.

  9. Our engagement does not end with a cashed cheque. Our relationships are longterm



Does Portico Provide A Guarantee?


  1. Yes we do. All Clients receive a 60-day guarantee.



How Long Does The Process Take?


  1. Speed is critical in our business. That is why we are always interviewing in order to maximize the turn-around rate between initial Client call and Placement.

  2. Of course, some engagements are highly specialized. These require a thorough search and outreach process.

  3. We are not a resumé referral firm. Clients call us because they expect a high level of service from a thoroughly knowledgable member of Portico’s team. Clients return to us because they know that we will not simply send them a stream of unqualified applicants.

  4. Our goal is to provide our Clients with solutions as quickly as possible. Typically, this means a 5 to 10 business day range. However, we will not compromise our standards, due diligence practices and undermine the interests of our Clients for the sake of speed. 



Does Portico allow for working trials?

  1. Yes we do.

  2. Candidates must be paid for time worked during a working trial.

  3. Working trials may range between one to five days. We do not allow for working trials in excess of five days.


What If Portico Cannot Find An Employee For Me?


  1. We are excellent at what we do and have outstanding rates of success.

  2. We do not take on engagements that we feel are unmarketable and likely to result in disappointment for our Client.



“I Can Do This On My Own. Why Do I Need Portico?”


  1. Some people like to look for the ideal employee on their own. We respect this, and recognize that the services provided by Portico Inc. are likely not for them.

  2. Portico exists for people who do not have the time to search, source, draft a marketable job description, conduct all the preliminary interviews, perform thorough reference checks, manage the all-important background investigation, negotiate terms of employment and write an offer of employment that is clear, concise and thorough.

  3. We understand that your time is valuable and we commit to never wasting it.

  4. We can do as much or as little as you wish.

  5. Will you be disappointed should you decide to engage Portico’s services? We can answer that question with a definitive “No.” Instead, you will be thoroughly satisfied with our Household Management expertise, level of commitment, responsiveness, quality of candidates, and comprehensive suite of services.



How Do I Begin?


  1. Contact us at 416-992-8525.

  2. Or email us.

  3. We will take it from there!



Oh, And One More Thing…


At Portico Inc., we believe that a satisfied Client is the best business strategy of all.

© 2020, Portico Inc.

Positions We Place
  • Housekeepers

  • Cook/Housekeepers

  • Executive Housekeepers

  • Nannies

  • Laundresses

  • Elder Caregivers

  • Personal Assistants

  • Office Butlers

  • House Managers

  • Private Chefs

  • Butlers (Household & Corporate)

  • Domestic Couples

  • Estate Couples

  • Chauffeurs

  • Companions

  • Corporate Flight Attendants


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